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Warcraft III: Reforged Patch 1.32.2 ist aufgespielt

vorschaubild warcraft 3 reforged

So eben wurde der Warcraft III: Reforged Patch 1.32.2 auf die Liveserver aufgespielt. Wie schon vor einiger Zeit angekündigt handelte es sich bei diesem, recht großen Patch, um weitestgehend Fehlerbehebungen. Von Ranglisten, Clans und automatisierten Turnieren (sollen wohl gar nicht mehr in das Spiel kommen) ist weit und breit nicht zu hören.

Alle Einzelheiten, entnehmt ihr dem Bluepost:


● Audio levels for some dialogue have been adjusted.
● The animations, triggers, and cameras for some cutscenes have been tweaked.
● Fixed multiple campaign missions that had units appear invisible.
● Multiple inventory issues have been fixed for the Rexxar campaign.
● Fixed multiple bugs throughout the Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne Campaigns
● Updated the cutscene cinematic panel to transition cleanly between conversations.
● Fixed issues making Twilight of the Gods in the Reforged campaign easier to complete than intended.
● Tyrande’s inventory will no longer be absent on the Daughters of the Moon and The Awakening of Stormrage missions in the Classic campaign.

Custom Games

● Fixed multiple missing assets that were impacting Custom Games.
● The Custom Games list has been updated to better optimize searching.


● Fixed an issue where if a player quit multiple games and switched graphic settings, the user would get a “Match Found” but the game wouldn’t start.
● The Female Demon Hunter now uniquely metamorphosizes to her own model.
● Fixed an issue with Tranquil Paths where creeps were invisible.
● Updated the Firelord’s Incinerate ability icon in Reforged. It can still be auto-cast as normal.
● Guardian Golem now has an auto-attack impact sound.
● Fixed an issue where the Blademaster was immune to non-magic abilities like Ensnare while using the Bladestorm ability.
● Lady Vashj has a small update to her head to address her human ears.
● Succubus models are now visually distinct.
● Fixed an issue where new Reforged death sounds were playing in Classic Mode.
● Three maps have been temporarily removed from their respective map pools due to instability: Ruins of Stratholme (3v3), Banewood Bog LV (4v4), and Fountain of Manipulation (FFA). They may return once the issue has been resolved.


● Players are now able to leave the matchmaking queue in versus mode.
● Fixed an issue with team members entering a broken state when cancelling queue while the team is disbanded.
● When a player leaves a match, remaining players no longer receive the additional message “Blizzard has left the game.”
● Transitioning from cinematics to a mission no longer briefly displays campaign selection.
● Battletags now consistently show for team invites in the user interface.
● Map Vetos now save for Versus FFA Mode.
● Ultra-Widescreen is now a viable option in the options menu.
● The Grid Hotkey option now works correctly for campaign and hero units.
● Multiple localization fixes for text, subtitles, and truncation have been addressed in campaign and online play.
● Added Squelching to chat channel functionality.
● Fixed multiple portrait issues with units in both campaign and online play.


● Fixed an issue where melee-only abilities were showing up as hidden in the editor when using custom data.


● Fixed a crash that could occur while playing campaign, versus, or custom games with the ‘Low’ texture setting.
● Fixed a crash that could occur in systems with a high number of logical processors.

Alles Wissenswerte rund um Warcraft III: Reforged erfahrt ihr unter der Kategorie: Warcraft III: Reforged.

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